Planning A Physiological Birth? Plan To Stay At Home.

This is all ‘came’ to me as I was going to bed last night…

If you’ve been following our Facebook page and blog for a while now, you’ll know how strongly I advocate natural or physiological birth. This is what I’d like to say – if you’re planning a physiological birth, plan to stay at home. Care providers within a hospital are paid and trained to constantly medicate, monitor and manage. Hire an independent midwife for a planned homebirth, and you can expect to feel more relaxed, respected, and the midwife/midwives will reserve themselves, to step in only if needed. They are conditioned to seeing physiological birth.

Since the beginning of this page, I see time and time again women saying their hospital birth was disempowering – I was certainly one of these women, and this was a huge reason for both choosing a homebirth the second time around and for the page and what it has become.

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Further to my previous comment about hospital care providers, I feel strongly that we need to remind ourselves of something – whenever we seek out a care provider, we are being provided with advice or opinion. We should never just take a practitioner’s advice without doing our own, in depth research; just as we wouldn’t walk into a car dealership and buy the first car that the salesperson recommends because we trust wholeheartedly we’re being given information in our best interests. They ‘want’ me to get the best car for me, don’t they?

Don’t for a second misunderstand me, the medical profession are marvellous when we really need them – in most cases, birth is just not one of these times. Birthing women are not patients. What this culture of ours really needs is more empowerment for women; more of reminding them that birth is a physiological, biological function that our bodies are designed and equipped for – that it is not an illness, ailment or disease that needs to be medicated, nor monitored, nor managed. It is a beautiful and powerful experience in which we are the ones responsible for it – our care providers, in any setting, should be there only if we need them.

For all of these reasons, this is why homebirth versus hospital birth makes all the sense in the world to me, and perhaps this has sparked something in you to now further explore the idea. I’ll leave you with a final thought. Day in day out, a hospital care provider assesses risk and manages, ready to spring into action – is it easy to see that this professional may have tunnel vision and that it may go against everything they know to just stand back and allow the process to unfold on its own and a woman to birth untouched?

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