The Blissful Belly Coloring Book – For Calm and Stress Relief During Pregnancy

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We have connected with talented artist, Andrea, who creates the most beautiful colouring books for pregnancy – yes, colouring for adults, and it can bring a great sense of calm or stress relief. Personally, I know how therapeutic it feels when I join in and colour in pictures with my children. It’s a creative and expressive outlet, and one as adults we have forgotten. We love Andrea’s work, we believe in it, and we want to support her by promoting her work and allowing you to purchase it through us from now on. Here’s Andrea’s story:

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am the creator of a couple of coloring books for pregnant women: The Blissful Belly Coloring Journal and The Blissful Birth Meditative Coloring Book. My idea to create a coloring book for pregnancy and birth started about 2 years ago (in 2013).  I was trying to find ways to create an online income by offering people something I loved. I have always drawn and painted, and years before I had made a few of my sketches into coloring pages. I had seen people selling digital files on Etsy and thought it looked like a good idea. One day, it just dawned on me, why not make a coloring book of pregnant women? I thought, what a great time to color, when you are going through the transition to motherhood. I wondered if this was something that already existed so I went to good ‘ol Google. I found only a few coloring books dedicated to pregnancy and birth – and they weren’t that great – so I began to draw.

blissful belly meditative journalI wanted my images to contain positive words; encouraging and loving. I wanted the images to be fun to color, so I included lots of details and background designs. My first coloring book took me 9 months to complete (just like a pregnancy). When I birthed my first coloring book, I had buyers ready and waiting. It has 18 images and 9 journal pages. The journal pages allow you to have some space for remembering fond pregnancy moments, and for addressing fears about birth.

I got connected with Anni Daulter of the Sacred Pregnancy Movement and she wanted to include some of my coloring pages in their retreats. I was overjoyed! The sales poured in after that. I couldn’t be happier, knowing that there are people out there who are receiving joy from my work.

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I started working on my second coloring book. I wanted something that depicted birth more than Blissful Belly did and that was a bit more raw. Blissful Birth is a smaller book, having less images to color, but it contains a couple of meditations and something that no one else has created – sentence completion exercises to help you connect with your fears about birth so you can better prepare for the ‘big day.’

I love creating images of motherhood. I am a mother of 3 myself, and being a parent has made me a better person. Pregnancy and birth can be such transformative times. When a baby is born, so too is a mother born. We have the opportunity to rebirth ourselves, to shed old ways of being and embrace a new way of life.

blissful beely mother babyColoring is such a great activity for pregnancy because it is relaxing and it stimulates creativity. It engages the same side of the brain that birth does. I want women to use my books as meditative tools; to take some quiet time for themselves and to have a little fun! My hope is that women will be able to bring the relaxation they felt whilst coloring with them to birth; remembering the images and words while they are laboring.

Coloring can be a family activity. Mothers and their children can get much joy from coloring together. Mothers can help prepare their children for the arrival of their sibling, a nice bonding time can happen over some pencil crayons and tea.

Coloring is gaining rapid popularity with adults as a calming, stress-relieving past­ime (you can read an article which heavily supports this here). The nice thing about my coloring books being digital, is that you can print out as many copies of the same image as you like, easing the pressure of having to make it look good with the first try – plus the delivery is instant and there are no shipping costs.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in my work. I also sell prints and artwork, and do logo design for midwives and doulas. I do frequent giveaways of custom art and prints – so let’s stay connected!

Much love,


You can purchase Andrea’s beautiful coloring books here or visit her website to find out more at or connect with her on Facebook.


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