From the Womb to the World: My Third Pregnancy to Birth Journey ~ 27 weeks

During my home antenatal visit, ‘cupping’ my baby boy after my midwife showed me his position – my eldest daughter looking on – baby’s head by my left hand

Another week gone, and all of a sudden it’s as though I’m counting down the weeks down instead of up!

This week has seen a further increase in my energy levels, and all of a sudden the nausea seems to be a thing of the past. Women, please take heart; if you’re reading this and wondering if it will ever end, will you get through it, the answer, unequivocally, is yes! Just keep listening to your body, eat whatever appeals to you (this is now, not forever) and keep your focus on what you want, and how you want to feel. Connect with your baby and keep sending them love, and honour yourself for all that you are doing just to grow your beautiful baby. Focus on your gratitude for this amazing gift, and find your outlets for your emotions. This can be a a really tough time, but you will get through it!

After being through the phase of non-stop nausea for roughly the same amount of time with each pregnancy, it occurs to me yet again how much we need to garner our strength, remind ourselves constantly of our power, and what this does to prepare us for motherhood itself – if not birth. There’s a need to dig deep, some days really deep, and find that strength and motivation reserve and tap into it – knowing that at any time we can do this – it’s there, it’s always there, we just have to remember and trust in that.

I mentioned earlier that I feel like I’m counting down the weeks at this point. The reason for this is that with every pregnancy, for me, there seems to be that moment where everything just coalesces – the true realisation that I’m carrying a baby and am going to be welcoming this precious being into our lives; into our family. It doesn’t matter how much I talk about it, how much I have known intuitively of each pregnancy before actually seeing the two positive lines, or how much I affirm it to the world that this is happening, there’s always been a fairly large amount of time that this takes to really settle into every nook and cranny of my being, and to feel it at soul level – being pregnant multiple times never seems to come with any less enormity or magic. With each ‘onesie’ I wash, it sinks in a little further – this baby is on his way!

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Symptoms that can come with pregnancy: reflux and fluid retention

I’m still experiencing reflux, particularly at night time, so here’s what I’ve been doing which has been helping – hope these tips help you!

Kiwi fruit

After dinner, I eat a kiwi fruit. Although kiwis are are an acidic fruit, once they reach our stomachs they take on an alkalising effect. They also contain prebiotics. I love the taste of them, and find them soothing – give them a try!

Slippery Elm, Fennel and Cardamom Tea

While I’m making dinner, I steep some fennel and cardamom tea. Fennel is a carminative and aids digestion (great for bloating and gas!) and also reduces acid levels in the stomach, and cardamom acts similarly. They both also have a diuretic action. Having noticed I’ve also been retaining a bit of fluid, this tea combination has been gently helping with that, too. Aside from the fantastic benefits, I genuinely enjoy drinking this tea, and love the aroma!

After I’ve eaten my kiwi fruit, and my tea has cooled, I then make a warm drink using around a level teaspoon of slippery elm powder, and leave that to thicken for a few minutes (I talked about this last week – the mucilage produced by the slippery elm creates a coating on the stomach and oesophagus lining). I then add my fennel and cardamom tea to the slippery elm, stir them together and sip on it. TIP: as the fennel and cardamom both act as diuretics, make a small quantity if drinking this before bed – I was waking up twice during the night to go to the toilet until I lessened my intake!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have also become a regular part of my diet. I either add them to a smoothie and stir them in at the end, add them to my baking, or simply add them to a tall glass of purified water, and drink the mix during the day. You will notice how much the seeds swell – I just eat them with a spoon at that point.

These amazing little seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids), dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Want to know more about them, and get some more ideas about including them in your diet? Check out this very informative article

Getting back to the pregnancy, I’m feeling great, and being told I’m glowing, which is lovely to know that how I’m feeling is being reflected. Baby’s movements become stronger every day, and he’s also been getting hiccups a lot – that really is both a strange and amazing feeling! Along with the deep understanding that baby will be here within months, it seems that the name we had felt for years was his, has recently changed – however, I do feel that we will know which name best suits him when he makes his way to us and is in our arms…it really is such a magical, exciting and enlightening time!

In gratitude,


From the Womb to the World

How are you¬†feeling? How many weeks into your pregnancy journey are you? Do you have any tips you’d like to share with other women to combat unwanted pregnancy symptoms?

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