From the Womb to the World: My Third Pregnancy to Birth Journey ~ 29-30 weeks

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks; largely spent catching up and celebrating with family and cherishing that time.

Clayton, my dad and I even went to see a live band: the thoroughly brilliant Lake Street Dive – isn’t taking in a band a different experience when you’re 30 weeks pregnant!

It was a very hot Australian summer evening, and I lasted about five songs before I had to go outside and put my feet up – yep, I was feeling pretty hardcore as I sipped my lemon, lime and bitters with my feet up on a chair, trying to get a clear view of the band through the windows, and smiling as I watched my belly move as baby did. I was thinking back to watching bands at this venue years ago and prior to being a parent. Times, they have-a-changed, and I realised with the deepest happiness and gratitude that I wouldn’t change a thing, and I could almost see myself in the crowd as a twenty-something enthusiastically dancing and singing along whilst trying not to spill my drink!

During these past weeks, I have also had the enormous pleasure and privilege of meeting my new and beautiful niece, Phoebe, my youngest daughter, Indigo, turned 4, and my eldest, Aila, who is 6, lost her first tooth! It’s truly been a family-oriented time, and a time of much reflection and appreciation of the past, but also preparation for the future as the birth of my baby boy draws ever nearer.

The past few days have been spent sorting through the baby clothes as my daughters help me to nest. It’s delightful to see the excitement and joy on their faces as they, too, realise that their baby brother will be wearing those clothes soon – he will be here with us, to hold, snuggle, kiss and adore. They speak daily of how much they want to and will do those things, and just this morning, my darling Indi has realised that “baby will be wet when he’s born, won’t he?”, as she’s processing in her brain that baby lives in water and will be born into water – she’s reminded me that we’ll need towels and that he’ll be slippery when he’s born!

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A process I am also working through is the emotions which keep surfacing. I am truly blessed to be part of a family where I can express my thoughts as I need to, and release with tears as I need to and be supported in that – from both my soul-mate, Clay, and beautiful daughters. I don’t hide my emotions from them. They attempt to understand my feelings and are right there by my side with empathy, and this is part of the reason I know they will both be so comfortable being a part of the birth of their brother, along with how accepting, fascinated and overjoyed they are when they watch birthing footage.

As has happened with my last two pregnancies at this point, I am experiencing the sensations that come with both baby practicing popping his head into and out of my pelvis, and of the Braxton Hicks which kick in most nights around 8pm; as the daylight naturally starts to fade in the room and the melatonin production starts. It’s always a reminder that my body knows what it’s doing, of its intelligence and that I can trust it. When you truly stop and notice and appreciate these things, it’s pretty awe-inspiring that our bodies and babies just know what to do – just as they will during labour and birth!

Also, as you would have noticed in the video, our baby boy is getting bigger and stronger, and making some serious movements in there – they never cease to amaze me! Yet as much as he can kick with all his might, he also now just moves gently when I place my hands on my belly; just as if to sweetly say, “Hi, I feel you, Mum.”

Tip for the week

I’m thoroughly enjoying my smoothies at the moment! Cut up any fruit you might like to use, especially if it’s just getting beyond ‘enjoyable eating’ stage, and store it in the freezer in serving sizes so you can make the smoothie quickly – especially helpful if you’re trying to stomach something during the nausea phase. My powerful blender sadly died last week, and my budget-friendly one has taken its place! It doesn’t step up to the challenge of pulverising frozen items like my old faithful did, so I find if I take my chosen fruits out of the freezer first thing in the morning, and either put them into the fridge to defrost a bit, or just leave them on the bench in a bowl if I know I want them soon, the blender seems much happier with that! Boost the nutrition and nourishment content of your smoothies by adding things like organic cold-pressed coconut oil, chia seeds, green powders like barley or wheat grass, and a good probiotic powder.

Any tips you’d like to share? How is your pregnancy journey going?

In gratitude,


From the Womb to the World

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