From the Womb to the World: My Third Pregnancy to Birth Journey ~ 7 weeks

7 weeks copyA few short weeks ago, I took a pregnancy test, but I knew with all my heart and soul what the outcome would be! Baby had already been whispering to me days before, and visiting me in my dreams, and even told me the day they would be born…but I’ll keep that to myself! This little one has been around me for quite some time, and now certainly feels like the right time. We will be, most likely, welcoming our third baby in March 2017. This is what I’m sticking with this time around – I’m not giving people my estimated due date, just my due month. Having felt the anxiety that comes with people knowing about the supposed magic date twice before, this time, I’m relieving myself of that pressure. I think that this will be my last pregnancy, so I’m doing the things I wished I’d done before, and I’m going to enjoy this pregnancy – my healing pregnancy.

The first pregnancy was stressful as I had prolonged ‘morning’ sickness, and I was fearful of birth, and I sure wasn’t ready for the fact that my baby wouldn’t be born when the calendar had dictated, and the push from the hospital to induce. I was even less prepared for the “have you had the baby yet?” messages which kept coming through on my phone.

The second pregnancy, yet again prolonged ‘morning’ sickness, and although I had no fear of birth, there was an uneasiness and sadness which came with the lack of support from some through choosing a homebirth. The true support came from those who mattered, and I believed with every fibre of my being that a homebirth with our independent midwife was the safest and best choice for baby and I, but I hadn’t experienced one before, so the fear of the unknown crept in from time to time; compounded by the looks or opinions of others in relation to my birthing choice.

What do I know now? You can not please everybody. You need to let go of the want to please everybody and focus only on what feels right to you and your baby. Don’t apologise for it. Your pregnancy. Your body. Your baby. Your right. It’s tough to know that there may be certain people in our lives that we just can’t share what we want to with them, that there can’t be open-minded discussion without judgment, but ultimately, we need to remember that their opinions don’t matter.

At this stage, I choose another homebirth. As with my second pregnancy, I can already visualise the birth, where the birthing pool will be, and I very much look forward to actually catching my baby this time! I have been preparing for this pregnancy for quite some time, and I feel so truly blessed to be feeling the magic of the process again; to be bringing another beautiful baby into the world and into our family. I’m so excited!

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I am going to be writing weekly installments which document my journey, and I invite you to follow me and share your thoughts if you are on your own journey, too. Some days are just a little tougher than others, so it helps to be able to share what we’re feeling and support each other. We could also share some tips on what is helping us, and this is what I’d like to start with:

‘Morning’ sickness

I am already feeling it quite strongly, and I experience it for most of the day, just as I did my previous pregnancies, but I am finding I am able to cope better this time, as I’m looking at the whole picture. What can I do for myself physically? What I can do for myself emotionally?


  • I am harnessing the power of my breath and breathing slowly and deeply into my belly. When a strong wave of nausea hits, I always notice that I am breathing shallowly and rapidly.
  • My partner brings me a morning snack in bed before he leaves for work. At the moment, a vegemite sandwich is doing the trick (yes, I’m Australian)! This is far from the way I would normally start my day, but this is helping so I’m going with it! I will eat that slowly whilst still in bed, and give the blood sugar a chance to come back up before I get up and try to start the day. Once I’m up, I grate some fresh ginger and add some boiling water and let that steep for a few minutes, and will sip it throughout the morning.
  • During the day, I graze. Crackers, cheese, nuts, fruit, veggie sticks like celery, and a bit of dark chocolate here and there! I’ll have an egg for lunch when I feel like it, or some other protein. I love cold rice paper rolls, but couldn’t be bothered going to the effort of making them the other day, so steamed, then rinsed, the rice vermicelli in cold water, julienned some carrot and then wrapped the noodles and carrot in a lettuce leaf – I found that very soothing at a time when I felt the nausea was due to hunger, but couldn’t stomach much.
  • I eat a light dinner with my kids just after the school pick up – around 4:00pm. I was feeling far too uncomfortable to go to bed after eating at the usual time of 6:30pm. I will have some light snacks until I go to bed.
  • When I inevitably wake up during the night to go to the toilet, I have a few sips of water, and a handful of crackers.


  • When a wave of nausea hits, I remind myself why – I’m not sick, I’m pregnant. My attention shifts from feeling something I don’t want to feel, to my baby. I take those deep breaths, and connect with my baby.
  • I talk with my baby, and ask to integrate our energies more gently. I recognise that growing another human being with energetics which are different to mine may contribute to the nausea, too.
  • After checking in with baby, I feel the gratitude. Gratitude for being pregnant, gratitude that this soul chose us as their family, gratitude that I and baby are happy and healthy.

So, these are things that are working for me, what’s working for you? How are you feeling? How many weeks are you into your journey?

Thank you for joining me on my journey – I look forward to hearing about yours and connecting with you!

In gratitude,


From the Womb to the World

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5 thoughts on “From the Womb to the World: My Third Pregnancy to Birth Journey ~ 7 weeks

  1. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog! I’m currently 7 weeks with my first pregnancy. Still doesn’t feel 100% real…although the occasional nausea does. I work with my parents and I don’t want to let them know until about the 12 week mark just in case – so breathing through it has been challenging! I look forward to reading more!

    • Hi Em,

      Thank you so much for contacting me, and I’m glad you’ve found my blog, too!

      CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!! 🙂 I can remember so clearly during my first pregnancy, ‘knowing’ I was pregnant, but actually coming to terms with that reality took some time. It’s a massive thing to get our heads around, but I can assure you that you have SO much to look forward to and be excited about!

      I’m now approaching 14 weeks, and have had some very challenging weeks with the nausea being 24/7, but it’s now waning. How are you coping with it?

      Despite planning to write weekly installments as I’d mentioned, I just haven’t been feeling up to it unfortunately, but am very much looking forward to sharing the next blog post soon!

      So lovely to be on this journey together. Do check in, and keep me posted on how you’re doing and how your magical journey is unfolding! 🙂

      Best wishes,

      Alison xx

      • Thank you! Yes, it’s a bit of a strange feeling. You spend your adult life avoiding getting pregnant, then actually deciding that you are going to try and then seeing the two lines on the test, it’s a bit weird! I’m dying to tell people, but I’ve had a lot of friends who have had miscarriages so I just want to wait until things are a bit more stable.

        Also as a first timer, everything is new to me. I should clearly have listened to all my friends when they were recounting stories along the way! I went to the GP the other day to ask him what I need to do next and he did look at me for a second like “what is she actually asking??”. What I’m saying pal, is I’ve never done this before, so I need to know what steps I take in order to, you know, get through the next 30 weeks or so unscathed.

        Glad your nausea is waning, that’s great news. Mine hasn’t been too bad, but yeah, it can come on at any time of day, before food, after food, whenever. Doesn’t seem to be a set pattern or reason. So far no actual trips to the loo, so that’s something! Hope you’re feeling much better the next few weeks and I look forward to reading more!


        Em xx

        • Hi again Em!

          As a first-timer, there is so much to consider, think about and decide upon. Having done this twice already, and reflecting on my first pregnancy, I’d like to share some things with you, which you can of course take or leave.

          Firstly, who do you want your care provider to be? If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with your GP (and you shouldn’t be receiving blank expressions to your very important questions) I’d have a really good think about who you *do* want to support you on this journey – and that really is the key word here: support. Do you want the support of a doctor or of a midwife or midwifery team?

          Secondly, where do you plan to give birth? The more you think about this question, the more you feel clearer about who your care provider will be. For instance, I first chose to give birth in the low risk birthing unit of one of the local hospitals, and that was run by midwives. I was put into a ‘team’, and would see a different midwife for every antenatal appointment (I think there were 7, so once I’d met them all, it would start over again). This was so that whoever was on when I gave birth I would have met at least once. Did I like this model of care? No. I would much have preferred to have seen the same midwife at every appointment to build that continuity of care, and to have them there for the birth, but that wasn’t an option. My second pregnancy I decided to seek out an independent midwife and chose to give birth at home with her assistance – we built a strong relationship together, and that is very important to me. I’m not saying that this is the right choice for *you*, but it may be something to consider depending on how you feel about giving birth in hospital. It’s also a choice many women don’t know they have, so I really like to talk about it.

          If you want some further support, then I invite to you to check out my Facebook page It’s a space I’ve created to empower women throughout their pregnancy to birth journeys, to help to dispel any fear surrounding birth, and to celebrate the joy and beauty of birth! It’s become an absolute passion of mine the past few years, and we have a very supportive community!

          I know you’re still getting your head around it all, so have a think about what I’ve mentioned, and feel free to ask me any questions if you would like to. I felt so lost for most of my first pregnancy. I didn’t know my options until I started searching and really asking questions, but I really had to do the work. I didn’t feel that information about the choices I could make was transparent. Maybe start writing things down as they come to you. You can’t ask too many questions!

          And by the way, thank you for your lovely words – I’m definitely at the stage of putting the nausea behind me and just enjoying the rest of this beautiful pregnancy! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that you’re coping well with it!

          I look forward to hearing from you again.

          Alison xx

  2. Hi Alison, How are you going? I hope things are progressing well! I’m now at 17 weeks, all booked in for birthing after considering all you mentioned. I’m going to be birthing at home with two independent midwives. Haven’t had a tonne of support on that decision – around here, that is a very different way to go, but I’m happy with it and my partner is happy with whatever I decide. He knows I’m sensible and wouldn’t make an unwise choice. So onwards and upwards….time is flying! Em xx

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